Translation Services

Business services

If the goals of your company include the implementation of projects or activities related to a multinational environment and You need experts in translating presentations, documents, conferences, seminars, workshops or just some kind of correspondence, then we and our partners will assist you in any way we can.

  • Professional translations of company documents in any language
  • Professional translations of correspondence in any language
  • Legalization of documents
  • Translation of brochures, catalogs, price lists, etc.
  • Translation of presentations and conference reports
  • Accompanying foreign guests

Translation and adaptation of websites

Our translators can offer you not only translation, but also adaptation a website for a specific region or language by adding country and/or region specific elements to the translation.

In order to be able to make an effective translation, we take into account linguistic differences in pronunciation, spelling and grammar patterns. Our translators carefully check the correspondence of the translation, content and language style, and at the same time check for missing content, grammatical, typographical, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Our goal and our desired end result for a translation of a website is to translate and develop it as if it was designed specifically for the user’s country.

Attention:  The price for the translations is calculated based on the number of characters of the translated text. One translation page contains 1800 characters of translated text (with spaces). The number of physical pages in the document may not match the number of the translated pages.

  • The translation of website pages and websites is negotiable.
  • If the size is bigger than 9 pages per working day (for 8 working hours per day) ans if the transfer is made in non-working hours, the amount of the payment is made by prior arrangement.
  • Deadline for delivery time is agreed upon acceptance of the order.
  • Delivery time, if a courier is used, must also be provided (time required for the couriers to deliver the shipment).

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