Accounting Services

We understand that the success is based on the appropriate and timed information and the integration of a well-structured plan. Our team will be helping you in every step towards your financial success. We aim to maintain a high level of service and the combination of experience and energy in our team allows us to engage personally with every client of ours.

We offer accounting services at affordable prices for all needs of your business. We will be glad if you decide to contact us. Here are some of the advantages of an accouting subscription with our company:

Choosing our accounting subscription, You will be maximally uncommited and facilitated, without having to constantly think of every detail of the settlemed of mandatory documents: declarations, taxes, benefits, national insurance contributions etc. 

You will lower your expenses, by saving from wages and insurance of your accounting personnel, securing a workplace for them, maintaining a time-to-date software system and information about the changes in the legislation. 

You will save much of your free time, by being freed from your engagements with the monthly signing and stamping of the following documents: 


  • Monthly VAT return
  • Intrastat Monthly Declaration
  • Declaration form 1, 3 and 6
  • Notification under Art. 62 item 3 of the LC
  • Payment orders for payments to the budget (insurance, taxes, salaries, sick leave, etc.)

They are submitted electronically with the help of an electronic signature, allowing you to focus on more important issues related to the management of your business.

What does our subscription package include?

  • Full accounting, tax and payroll services
  • Tax Protection
  • Interim Financial Statements